Laurent Fiorentino
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Camera Apocrifa Installation 

    The powerlessness to satisfy the male stereotype crushes individual identity, forcing a constant struggle 
between desire and prohibition. In a room that is the alcove, the temple and the prison of my sexuality, the drama of castration caused by the obligation to be a normal, penetrating, hard man takes place.

    With a twisted gaze, bending under a scopic impulse, I pursue an obsessive search for sexuality that takes the form of a ritual. Creating apocryphal and sexual ex-votos, I try to fix imprints in plaster and ceramics as on the photosensitive surface. 

   The project takes the form of a book and an installation. The latter consists of 84 ceramic phalluses suspended from the wall with steel supports. As ex-voto, these phalluses are the result of research on castration. Object of desire but emblem of virilist castration, the phallus is at the centre of an obsessive search for an imposed yet desired form.