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24 m bored af, hmu
30x40x20 cm
Galzed Stonware

I’m in the room, I close the door and I download reddit then snapchat. I create an account, which I delete anyway, I log in.

19 m CA: bored and horny looking for fun on snap;  26 sub, pls be my king ; 21 france, someone wanna give me a gift for my birthday? ; 23 average build, curious. They are looking for you because they are bored, lonely, hard and full of liquid to share, wanting to be two or more, but then alone. Translate into definitions your desire and  your body to write a post, lonely boy seeks company, come play. 24 m bored af, hmu it’s me, 24 years old, man, bored as fuck, hit me up. That is my definition when I dive into this world of nudes to fill that emptiness of desire, which is nothing but absence, distance from the desired object. The nude is pure desire, because it is also made of distance between the interacting subjects, loneliness after the fountain of satisfaction, alas, only momentary.

24 m bored af, hmu is the visualisation of that feeling of sharing, of companionship in a solitary masturbatory movement. It seems to be with many, seeking us out, desiring us, but only in a closed and unreal space. It is the illusion of not being alone while i facev this boulder of desire.