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Laurent Fiorentino is a Lausanne-based artist who combines photography and sculpture.

The organic, the desire, the quest for identity and rituals are the engines of research impregnated with lyricism. On one hand, his interest goes to everyday life and intimacy. Photography stands, so, as a votive act. The vulnerable is accepted and shown as a quiet demonstration of an alternative to the virile prototype. On the other side, his images reveal a morbid nature often playing on an ambiguous line, confusing desire with abjection, aiming to create an ambivalent unsettling feeling.

In his sculptures he mainly works on the dynamic between attraction and repulsion, mixing prints of sex toys, animal organs, ritual objects and modelled forms. Seeking for ambivalence, his objects often question sexual desire, guilt and death. Religion and its symbols are for him a constant source of inspiration and reference in both his practices.