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    After growing up near Naples, Laurent Fiorentino moved to Switzerland where, in 2020, he obtained his Bachelor's degree in photography at the Ecal. Today he lives and works in Lausanne. His artistic practice combines photography and sculpture.

By blurring the border between the living and the image, the every day becomes a space for creation. The organic, the desire, the quest for identity and intimacy are the engines of research impregnated with lyricism. The image is presented as a votive act, an apocryphal and personal ritual. It is the acceptance and reverence of the precious vulnerability that structures the intimate. The vulnerable is shown as a quiet demonstration of an alternative to the virile prototype. It is not a frontal political act but a discreet affirmation of the right to be dissident, personal and preciously fragile.

During his diploma at Ecal, he got fascinated by the close relationship between casting and photography. From this first naive encounter his interests grew, he started working with more organic shapes. In his sculptures he mainly works on the dynamic between attraction and repulsion, he develops a kind of collage mixing prints of sex toys, animal organs, ritual objects and modelled forms. Seeking the viewer's reaction, between abjection and interest, his objects often question sexual desire, guilt and death. He now goes towards a more installation field, his sculptures become more part of installation, mixing ceramics and more industrial elements.