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Camera Apocrifa


“Camera Apocrifa” is the comparison with the unspeakable of a trauma, a shadow that haunts a daily life, distorts the desire, isolates its victim. Everything takes place in the protected and at the same time constrained place of the bedroom: behind the door, beyond the window, nothing exists. Between the walls I search for echoes. It is a solitary, compulsive and masturbatory game to forget oneself and hope to feel something again.

Lonely specter, I invade the space. The eyes look only at the body, around it. The gaze is guided by the image, I render images and objects what I cannot say, setting up a set of illogical rituals. “Camera Apocrifa” is a deviant cult that prepares for a metamorphosis: changing in order to escape from which cannot be approached.

In this escape, the changing body tries to leave its mark. Here I fix the form under the plaster, on the film. Like the photography, these imprints are proof that the form has already disappeared, but has been. In the attempt to regain a lost desirability, I consume my own ephemerality. It is a struggle against rejection. It is an apocryphal passion.