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Domestic Exile

Glazed stoneware h.t., plastic containers, water,
porcelaine pouder, plastic tubes,
motor with arduino system
45 cm x 60 cm x 50 cm , ~3 m tubes

Creatures, similar to marine tumours, float in tanks with opaque water. These mineral monsters move at a regular rhythm, a breath comes out of their orifices, a respiration. The installation is structured by a central engine and three satellite monsters. Asphyxiated, the creatures keep surviving. The hidden machine makes them dependent, it saves but oblige them to not die.

Underwater organisms or human organs, these creatures have an ambiguous status. Soft-eyed demons demand our attention. Do they intend to make us feel guilty or to make us feel powerful? Do they have been rejected by our bodies or do they come from elsewhere? Are they natural or the conquest of a laboratory? Questioning our relationship to the natural and the organic, Domestic Exile places us on an uncertain line between the colonisation of the natural and the regret of the original link with it.It is the ambivalent reification between guilt and conquest, between individual sin and collective guilt. It is the spectacle of suffering that becomes a memento.